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About Us

“PRACHYA” means ancient or the very first. Every country or a region has its own unique civilization which is the “Heart & Soul“ of that country or region. Likewise the Indian Sanskriti & Sabhyata is the soul of India. The root of the Indian civilization lies in the ancient Indian religion, the Sanatan Dharma which gave birth to the unique authorless ancient Indian scriptures the Vedas. This Indo-Vedic civilization is based on the belief of God and Soul (The Atman) and all those deeds or Karmas to uplift the Atman is known as Prachya Karma. The ancient sages established a harmony between humankind and the Hindu religion following the laws of Mother Nature making it unique in the world.

Historical findings reveal that Hindus existed on the Indian sub-continent much before the exploration of the Indus valley civilization. It was the time when human civilization was at the peak of urbanization, development & achievements in all walks of life. It was on this very land of the Indian sub-continent where great ancient sages underwent penance and achieved super natural powers to know the deepest secrets of nature, the universe and humankind. Whatsoever they experienced in their transient meditative state of mind, they scripted them down which we call the Vedas, Purans & the Shastras today.

The formulas derived by them in these author less manuscripts were highly scientific and with the sole purpose to uplift mankind. Their scriptures depict deep thoughts to establish harmony between nature and the humans for instant sustainable growth and development. Right from the human birth till his death whatever activity he does, these sages scripted them in a very interesting methodical and analytic way. It is in these ancient manuscripts that one can find description of atomic bombs, aircraft, gravitational theory, the theory of relativity and other chapters of physics, organ transplant, fetus transfer in biology, amazing facts of moon, Jupiter and other planets of the solar system and the galaxy and universe etc. They then utilized all their knowledge of science and technology to make human life cherish and blossom peacefully on the lap of mother nature.

The world today is making innumerable innovations and discoveries but surprisingly it gives happiness for a very short period of time and that too at the cost and risk of destroying Mother Nature. The development of today’s modern scientific world is almost opposite to that of the ancient Indian sages. Modern growth is to create artificial infrastructural facilities and objects to pacify endless lust, desires and greed of humankind with short term gains thereby destructing the harmony of Mother Nature and humanity both.

It’s a pity that the descendants of these great ancient sages who gave Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Karmakand, Vedas, Puranas, Shastras etc. to this world have themselves ignored & neglected their rich glorious heritage and blindly accepting the recent scientific innovations just to pacify their short term materialistic greed. It is therefore a need of the hour to pause to listen and to learn our original Indian scripts and texts, the vedas, the scriptures and our ancient Prachya Karmas established by our great ancient sages. The Jyotish, Karmakanda, Sodash Sankara, Vaastu, and rituals and festivals, the holy pilgrim places etc. to name a few of course this can happen even today in the guidance knowledge and bliss of world recognize scholars and Brahmins of Vedic science in India. Remember