Can anyone really create GOD?

Is our 100% belief in anything is what we say is GOD?

It’s amazing but true.

If the literary meaning of “SATYANARAYANA” is the Lord of TRUTH then, please help me to find out the TRUTH in it and the highest supreme being or the NARAYANA in it.

The ”Satyanarayana” puja/katha is one of the most popular rituals performed by the Hindus all across India and the world. The devotee performs the puja after taking a bath and fasting for a day.

The Puja begins with prayers and offerings to lord Ganesha followed by the “Navgraha Puja”(the nine celestial planets) .

Thereafter, the Puja of the lord “Satyanarayana” starts by offering 1000 leaves of Tulsi along with the recitation of 1000 names of lord Vishnu afterward the five chapters of “Satyanarayana” katha are recited by a priest but not necessarily. It is followed by “Satyanarayana” bhagwan aarti and the prasadam of sheera, Banana, coconut, sugar, fruits, etc. is distributed among the devotees.

Generally, this Puja is performed on occasions such as marriage, house warming, new jobs, or starting of fresh ventures, etc.

Now the first question ; Is there any name of the lord “SATYANARAYANA” as an incarnation of lord Vishnu in any of the authentic religious texts of Hindus like the Vedas the Puranas the Upanishads or the Shastras?

  1. We come across 1000 names of lord Vishnu in Vishnu Sahastranaam depicted in Vishnu Puranbut no name of Vishnu or his incarnation with a name as ”Satyanarayana” exists anywhere.

The devotees say that the “Satyanarayana” Puja katha is written in Reva volume of the Skanda Purana which is absurd.The Reva volume of the Skanda Purana is exclusively devoted to the pilgrimages on the valley of river Reva(Narmada). Even in the “Satyanarayana” Puja there is not a single description of river Reva or Narmada. The original text of the Skanda Purana is 1000-year BC old and was written in Sanskrit. There is no description of “Satyanarayana” Puja/vrat katha in it. Of course the recent Skanda purana editions, especially the Gita press, Gorakhpur edition has added a chapter of ”Satyanarayana” puja/katha in it, with a clear note that this chapter has been published by translating it from a Bengali edition of skanda purana published by Bangwasi press Calcutta West Bengal.

Now this Bengal connection and manipulation of our original skanda purana and the ”Satyanarayana”puja/katha are further worth probing.

The folk tales of the middle ages in West Bengal describe a folk hero called “Satyapir” unknown whether he was a Hindu or a Muslim. Now one supplicant addresses him as “Satyanarayana” implying that he is an incarnation of the lord Krishna while the other fraction with a different tale says that Satyapir has just come from Mecca,which would obviously make him Muslim. This ambiguity makes it further complex and adds more magic to the tales.It describes how fakirs change into Pirs or saints who even change into Gods and anything really does happen. This cult of Satyapir is extremely popular throughout the whole of West Bengal even today. No wonder that the Mazars and Dargahs of Satyapir are in abundance in West Bengal, and one is even on the main road of Raja bazaar in the heart of Calcutta.

When the Satyapir can be praised in the holy religious texts like Laxmi thakurers “Panchali”(a poetry) which many Hindu ladies recite daily then what more evidence of syncretism is still required? It can be stated with a great amount of certainty that the Satyapir movement and the “Satyanarayana” concept both originated through a fusion of Muslim myth of the Pir and the Hinduconcept of the deities. The then converted Muslims mixed the old supernatural powers of their deities with the concept of “pirism” and started believing Satyapir. The Hindus personified the Pir into Satyapir and further to ”Satyanarayana” and began conceiving it as their supernatural deity bhagwan ”Satyanarayana” the incarnation of Vishnu followed by his pujaand katha and the story continues even today. It is quite interesting to note that a few stories of the beggar  Brahmin the merchants, etc. are same in the satyapir and the ”Satyanarayana” katha both.

It’s a pity that the thinking power, a rational approach and a  spirit of enquiry are totally missing or rather absent in our  religious belief system. The manipulators of our valuable ancient religious texts and it’s adulteration has made us mental slaves.

But  still inspite of all these contradictions I uphold the spirit of our Hindu belief system and the worship of truth or Lord Vishnu the highest supreme being as there are many more truthful reasons to believe the TRUE HIGHEST BEING(the “Satyanarayan”).